As the US-NCT expands and as the planning and reinforcement of a mobilizing movement occurs, we will need more help.  We are asking God for volunteers who could donate 2-5 hours per week to help the US-NCT accomplish our mission. Would you prayerfully consider who you know who have the any of the skillsets listed below:

  • Social Network/Social Media:  Work with the team to have a presence that is updated 2x/week on Social Media.
  • Communications (skill with MS Publisher, editing newsletters, using mail service platform like Mailchimp)
  • Administrative follow-up:  Work with Google docs and google forms to send out emails to follow-up the inquiries both from the Global Desk in the Philippines and the US Website. Then write a bi-weekly report to the NCT about the inquiries… so we can connect these people to live people to answer their specific questions.

Are you interested? Contact us!