Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t just take the Christians into Heaven right away?  Probably not, but most Christians wonder what their purpose is on earth.  If God finished the work of salvation with Christ’s death and resurrection, but hasn’t yet returned, then perhaps God’s work is not finished yet.  Maybe there’s an “unfinished story” to be told!  The Unfinished Story is a Christian discipleship course that will educateinspire, and challengeparticipants to discover what remains to be done to complete God’s mission in the world.  It is a combination of video, a little reading, reflection, discussion, and prayer.  

It seems like POWER is at the center of many conversations these days.  Few have power.  But everyone has INFLUENCE.  

The Empowered to Influence course is designed to redefine the way believers think about work, worship, and the Kingdom of God.  Taught by Ken Chua, a Singaporean businessman.  ETI is designed for small groups, and conducted in 4 separate sessions.  It presents seven paradigm shifts that are part of the believer becoming the “salt and light” within their places of influence.  ETI will educateinspire, and challengeparticipants to discover what it means to truly have influence as a Christian.  It is a combination of video, reading, reflection, and discussion. 

TUS and ETI are designed to be conducted in the church, by the church, and for the church.  For each church represented, we ask that the church designate a Church Coordinator to be trained to oversee the implementation of the course and training of the small group facilitators/leaders for that church. 

We are currently leading them over a 2 week period on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and the training to lead the course on the Friday night following the last session.  The sessions will start promptly at 6:00 pm Eastern Time and will conclude by 8:00 pm. Here’s the schedule:

Month >December
TUS Dates1, 3, 8, 10, 11
TUS Times6:00 pm EST
(3:00pm PST)
ETI TimesNo Course

The minimum number of participants to conduct a course is eight (8).  We ask that registrations be completed two (2) weeks before the first session, with the final decision regarding possible cancelation one (1) week before the first session. 

The cost of the course is $10.  A workbook will be mailed to you about one (1) week before the first session.

For more information or to register for a course, contact the US-NCT.