During this time COVID19 continues to turn upside-down the plans and ways we conduct our life.   However, we, at the US-NCT move forward seeking to make available to churches and individuals the opportunity to be on mission with God and become a church that facilitates the mobilization of its members.  

Therefore, the US-National Coordinating Team for Simply Mobilizing encourages and sanctions the use of online Simply Mobilizing courses in response to the COVID19 situation.  As taught in Scripture (e.g. Romans 13:1-7, Titus 3:1-2, 1 Peter 2:13-17) we expect all our leaders to comply with and uphold all local, state, national and CDC regulations and/or guidelines.

If a local HF and sponsoring organization wishes to do a face to face course with any of the Simply Mobilizing tools, the US-National Coordinating Team for Simply Mobilizing does not sanction or take any responsibility for the actions or consequences of conducting a face to face course during this time. It is understood the sponsoring organization, the Head Facilitators, Facilitators, participants and local facility accept responsibility and liability regarding any potential COVID19 exposure and subsequent consequences.  

If a Head Facilitator wishes to do an online course in 2020, please contact the US-NCT for guidance as to how to proceed.   If a Head Facilitator wishes to conduct a face-to-face course, a waiver will need to be signed and put on file, accepting responsibility for all liability for the specific course.

It is our desire that we gain momentum during this time.  We believe there are opportunities and God is using it to expand our vision.   Pray with us that we follow the Lord’s leading for Kingdom purposes.

Find out more about our online Kairos course for Fall 2020 or contact us for more information about online opportunities for The Unfinished Story and Empowered to Influence.

Simply Mobilizing USA – Waiver