In recent months we’ve started something we’re calling SM Connect. These are regular web calls bringing together the Kairos/SM family across the country in order to be better connected, informed and equipped for mobilization with SM. Led by our National Coordinator, Colleen, it started with a series of calls to get to know Head Facilitators better and share some of the vision for SM USA going forward. Now we’d like to invite anyone to join in. If you are a Kairos Head Facilitator, Facilitator, or even a graduate of Kairos or another SM course and would like to connect further with this mobilization movement, then SM Connect is for you.

We are beginning regularly scheduled monthly meetings conducted via Zoom. They will be on the first Tuesday of every month at two different times of day to choose from – 10am and 10pm Eastern Standard Time. We’re hoping these times will allow opportunity for those in various timezones across the U.S. to participate. To join in you will need a Zoom meeting link. Please follow the link below to request the meeting invitation.