As we’ve announced, the SM 2020 International Conference is scheduled for this September in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the whole Simply Mobilizing family is invited. However, the situation of the coronavirus is being considered and International Director, Max Chismon, has issued the notice below.

Dear SM Family,
As you all know it has been ‘full steam ahead’ with our planning for the 2020 SM Conference. 
However, the spread of the Coronavirus has caused the leadership of SMI to pause, pray and to reconsider – do we continue with the Conference this year or postpone it until next year? 
We do not want to succumb to fear but at the same time we do want to act responsibly!  Scripture seems to indicate that difficult times will continue and even increase as we move closer towards the end of the age even while we continue to engage in mission until the very end (2 Tim 3:1, Mt 24:4-14)!   
The general opinion and consensus, among the SM leadership, is that we continue to plan for the Conference for this year but to continue monitoring the situation.   
As of now the Coronavirus continues to infect people and take lives even though there are some positive signs of containment!
Open borders and access for free and safe travel, by all countries, to Thailand for the Conference is an important consideration in our final decision. China, for example, conducts more SM courses than any other country in the world and their participation at our Conference would be important!  
So, the decision is that we continue to plan for the Conference, for this year, with a final decision to be made at the end of April, 2020.
For this reason, we ask that you hold back from purchasing your air tickets (or purchase only refundable tickets) until the final decision has been made and confirmation has been announced!
In the mean-time please do continue to pray:

  1. For this situation, especially as so many lives are being lost.
  2. For the Conference preparations as they will continue.
  3. For the leadership to make decisions based on both faith and wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Love and blessings to all
Max and the SM leadership team      
Max W. Chismon
International Director
Simply Mobilizing