Simply Mobilizing USA identifies important projects to which donations may be directed.  Donations mostly come from SM courses conducted under the USNCT oversight, especially the Kairos courses.  However, all donations to the Simply Mobilizing movement in the US can be directed to one or more of these projects. In order to recommend one of these projects for your donation, please include the CODE value on the Memo line of your check or in the Note/Memo section of an online donation.

USAScholarshipsSCHEnable or assist others to take SM courses who would otherwise not be able to. The USNCT will ensure that these funds are used judiciously for US courses only.
USADiaspora expansionDIAExpand SM activities into new language groups within the USA. The USNCT will determine which specific diaspora groups will be assisted. Currently there are three groups: Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.
USASM General OperationsGENDonations will be used for the operating expenses of Simply Mobilizing USA. Any donations made without any designation will be directed to this category.
WorldFarsi TranslationFARAdvance the translation of SM course materials into Farsi language.
WorldVietnamese TranslationVIEAdvance the translation of SM course materials into Vietnamese language.
WorldNNCT supportNNCAssist NNCT (New Nation Coordinating Team) operations in another country. The USNCT will determine which specific NNCTs will be assisted.
WorldSMISMISupport the SM International operations, primarily in the Philippines.
WorldKairos for KidsKIDSupport the development of a course for children based on the themes of the Kairos course.