The call came “out of the blue” as the saying goes.  Would I, a member of the SM Family on the east coast of America, be willing to lead an online course of The Unfinished Story for a group in Asia?  I was intrigued, but dozens of questions came to mind, such as time zone and language issues, workbooks, and other logistics.  What an opportunity, I thought, to be part of mobilizing another part of the world!  In the course of a few days, the NCT’s from the countries involved approved the course, and the logistics were worked out.  It was so exciting to do introductions at the beginning of Session 1.  The leader of the group was an American-born instructor at a university in the country, and to my surprise, there were six students at various universities from five different African countries!  What a diverse group to gather on a Saturday night (early morning in the USA).  The course ran without a problem, and after Session 4, all of the participants wanted to become Facilitators.  A week later, there were 7 new TUS Facilitators and one Church Coordinator for their international fellowship.  They are already planning their first TUS courses in person within the fellowship.  I was most certainly “blessed to be a blessing”!