The call came “out of the blue” as the saying goes.  Would I, a member of the SM Family on the east coast of America, be willing to lead an online course of The Unfinished Story for a group in Asia?  I was intrigued, but dozens of questions came to mind, such as time zone and language issues, workbooks, and other logistics.  What an opportunity, I thought, to be part of mobilizing another part of the world!  In the course of a few days, the NCT’s from the countries involved approved the course, and the logistics were worked out.  It was so exciting to do introductions at the beginning of Session 1.  The leader of the group was an American-born instructor at a university in the country, and to my surprise, there were six students at various universities from five different African countries!  What a diverse group to gather on a Saturday night (early morning in the USA).  The course ran without a problem, and after Session 4, all of the participants wanted to become Facilitators.  A week later, there were 7 new TUS Facilitators and one Church Coordinator for their international fellowship.  They are already planning their first TUS courses in person within the fellowship.  I was most certainly “blessed to be a blessing”!

The United States National Coordinating Team conducted its first Coordinator Training January 18, with 11 potential Coordinators.  The trainers were Randy Hultman (Delaware), Simply Mobilizing Int’l Board and United States-National Coordinating Team (US-NCT) and Colleen Di Raddo (Maryland), United States-National Coordinator. The training was the next step of expanding the US NCT.  The potential Coordinators included:  Joel and Betsy Eyestone (Washington), Bret Johnson (Nevada), Bob Kaess (North Carolina), Mark Ogden (Florida), Scott Modrall (Oregon), Larry Stucky (California), Sophia Wang (Pennsylvania), Joseph Yen (New York), and Sandy Eckelberry (Ohio).  Attending from the NCT were Joshua Rodenbaugh (Kentucky) and Isaac Chan (California).  The next steps are for each candidate and the National Coordinating Team (NCT) to prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance as to which Coordinator role(s) will be filled and the timeline for each person.   We rejoice that an expanded National Coordinating Team and regional or specialized Coordination Teams have been started.  We rejoice that a precious sense of community was built.  We look forward to what God has in store as each person brings their gifts and calling to the mobilization movement in the US.

We have opportunities coming up for Kairos courses as we head into late summer and fall. This includes continuing with the online course format that we introduced last year as well as seeing the return of some in-person courses.

We have an online course starting September 7th and running on Tuesday evenings for 9 weeks.

For in-person courses there is a 5-day intensive starting up in just a couple of weeks on August 9th in Minneapolis, MN and another intensive in October in Louisville, KY.

In addition to this, we have a Korean language course on the calendar at Global Mission Church in Silver Spring, MD with weekly sessions September 2nd-November 6th.

You can find out more about all of these and register HERE.