This year, the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) was held in Kansas City, November 14th-17th. In recent months leading up to this interest has been growing for the Kairos course in Kansas City and the surrounding regions in Missouri and Kansas. ICOM provided a perfect opportunity to bring the various points of contact from the area together to meet one another and network, hear some updates, and encourage one another.

The group included those just getting started, some in the training process, and others who’ve already led many courses. It was a brief, but encouraging meeting and there was a great sense of synergy and momentum building for the KC region.

We were also blessed by a visit from our brother Simeon who is the National Coordinator for Simply Mobilizing Bulgaria, and a member of the Europe Global Regional Team. We’ve had the opportunity to bless the SM growth in Bulgaria through U.S. Kairos offerings for the Bulgarian translation and establishing the Bulgarian NCT, and this was a great testimony to our group of how our teamwork can bless others. Simeon also gave a great challenge to consider how we are working together, not just regionally or even nationally, but globally.

We look forward to the next steps of development for the Kansas City area.