The idea of Simply Mobilizing was introduced to the global Kairos family in 2015 and has been simmering in the U.S. ever since. Over the last few years the ideas have been considered and pondered, some of the bits and pieces have been implemented here and there, and small steps have been taken to build on the Kairos course foundation.
Considerably larger strides were taken over the last year as God raised up new coordination team members and a firmer vision began to form for the USA. This has set the stage for a Simply Mobilizing USA breakthrough in 2019.
Though the ideas have been bouncing around for a while, we’d like to make it official and consider this post a new first. Some of you have been around from the early days of Kairos and some are brand new readers, but either way we’re excited to have you along on this journey to see all God’s people mobilized for the world Christian movement.