Hello to our Simply Mobilizing family! 

We recently led a Kairos intensive course at a large Russian speaking church in Sacramento. We knew from the initial planning stages that the course was going to be unusual, but we had no idea how unusual and challenging!   

To prepare for the course, we had three co-head facilitators leading the team. Scott and Maggie Modrall were the US head facilitators. David W., a veteran missionary and experienced head facilitator based in Russia also agreed to be the third head facilitator. He flew halfway around the world just to help run this course! 

We  learned during the week that the Kairos Course was the first training conducted by Americans that this church had ever approved for their people.  We were glad to have three co-head facilitators, each with their own strengths and skills to contribute. We also had an amazing team of facilitators willing to think a little “outside the box” from their culture, in order to put on the course effectively. The course was full of challenges each day. Because many of the participants were still learning English, we ended up running parts of the course side by side in both Russian and in English in separate rooms! This particular course was definitely a cultural experience for the entire Kairos team… and for the US.

The course mid-week!

By the middle of the week, we could see God was doing something special in the lives of many of these young adults. On the last day as we handed out certificates, we saw some with tears in their eyes saying they did not want the course to end! Many shared that the course an “eye-opening” and “life changing experience” for them.

Presentation of certificates!

Looking back, we realize God was giving us solutions to problems, and practical decision-making wisdom each day of the course. For all three of the co-head facilitators, this course must go to the top of our list as “most challenging” and “most rewarding”!