Kairos follows a training philosophy that is equal parts inspiring, educating, and challenging. We see training not as just an event, but rather a process or journey that involves modeling, coaching/mentoring, evaluation, and ongoing upskilling. The elements of this training philosophy form a common thread running through all levels of Kairos involvement and experience.

The general process is as follows:

1. Complete the Kairos course (at least 80% attendance, as well as completion of all worksheets and participation in final integration session is required).

2. Become a Facilitator by completing the Kairos Facilitator Training. As a Facilitator you can join a facilitation team led by a Head Facilitator to conduct the course.

  • Complete parts 1 & 2 to help with administrative tasks, activities, and growth point groups. 
  • Complete all 3 parts to help in all components of the course including presentation portions.

3. Become a Head Facilitator. A Head Facilitator is equipped with all necessary materials and is capable of coordinating and leading a team of facilitators in conducting an effective Kairos course. After completing all parts of the Facilitator Training, the remaining steps are:

  • Serve as a facilitator in at least 2 courses (a Head Facilitator should be able and ready to present all course material. Gaining experience presenting various elements of the course is important and a certain level of proficiency will be necessary before being approved as a Head Facilitator).
  • Complete the Head Facilitator Training upon invitation from accredited Head Facilitator.
  • Conduct a Kairos course as a Trainee Head Facilitator under the guidance of an accredited Head Facilitator. Once completed satisfactorily, a recommendation will be made for your approval as a Head Facilitator.