Greetings U.S. Kairos Head Facilitators, 

This update is for all current HFs as well as those in training and some who may not be active due to time passed, but may be interested in reengaging (we hope to have more information for you on the pathway for that soon). 

If you’ve kept up with the news and updates you know that there has been a lot of development with Simply Mobilizing USA. We now have a National Coordination Team working together for mobilization across four languages (with the recent addition of a new Spanish Language Coordinator) and as of late 2019 Simply Mobilizing USA is an incorporated non-profit. We are working hard to build on the foundation of a ten year history of Kairos in the U.S. as well as on the great potential for a growing movement of mobilization in the days to come.

With this development and building underway, there are new areas of structure and procedure that need to be put in place to help sustain and grow in the ways we believe God desires for the Kairos course and Simply Mobilizing. On a practical level, one of the things we’re working on is a manual that will help with details beyond the basics of running the course (which you have in your HF Guide), such as the specifics of course administration unique to the U.S. context, as well as operations, finance, etc. (even more specific instructions for using the online Course Manager which we know has had complications for many). We hope to make this available in the near future.

One specific area we want to announce today is regarding course fees and pricing. While some may be used to a past pattern where books were distributed for a basic cost without further pricing standards in place, we know it is now past time for a standard that not only sustains current operations but also builds capacity for growth and blessing the Simply Mobilizing movement globally.

Going forward there are two main points we want to clarify:

A $50 course fee per participant will be collected by Simply Mobilizing USA covering materials, royalties, operations and advancement. This will be based on actual course registrations/participants rather than a number of books requested.

The recognized standard value of the Kairos course will be $125 and will be advertised accordingly. This is particularly relevant to the advertisement of the course on the Kairos website where in the past there have appeared various offerings of the Kairos course at drastically different prices. Going forward, $125 will be displayed as the starting value of every course, followed by a discounted/subsidized price and description if offered.


You may wonder why these standards are being implemented, and if you have been used to buying books for $20 each, you may wonder why such a jump. To make a long story short, the model of purchasing books at the lower cost was a mechanism set in place over a decade ago before any growing movement of courses or any coordination effort existed. It was a means to make books available and cover the basic overhead of doing so, and was never designed to represent the value of Kairos or sustain a growing movement. As things grew and early coordination efforts formed, however, the financial model didn’t change. Rather, much of the growth that did take place was fueled through resources (time, money, personnel, facilities, etc.) provided by other organizations and ministries who valued the Kairos course (and even with that it has not allowed for a fully functioning national coordination effort operating as intended and needed). Now in a new stage of development, it is past time for Simply Mobilization to stand on its own two feet with an appropriate and sustainable standard. 

Practically speaking, these funds could easily be rationalized on the basis of the basic needs of administration with aspects like organizing, accounting, managing and distributing materials, etc. taking well more than a full-time jobs worth of time and effort and these course funds wouldn’t even cover a salary for that. However, the focus of this is not to pay anyone salaries. Much of that work will continue as it has, with time and effort given freely to the cause. The increased funds to the national effort, rather, will allow the National Coordination Team to fully function as intended growing and expanding the mobilization movement throughout the U.S. In addition it will finally allow us seize the opportunity (or maybe rather the responsibility) to contribute in a meaningful way to the larger Simply Mobilizing family worldwide, both through investment in expansion through our global region and fueling efforts that will impact mobilization worldwide.

The rationale behind the advertised cost of $125 comes down to recognizing how we can best reflect both consistency and value when presenting the Kairos course. This approach was determined through careful consideration and conversation, input from the multiple language groups, and study of the past trends.

How does this impact me practically?

Here’s a quick summary and instructions for how this works in practice (the operations manual to come will provide greater detail):

  • $125 is the standard course fee and advertising should reflect this in order to give consistency and promote the value of Kairos. Discounts or subsidies can be offered and advertised. How this works practically in terms of the Course Manager is that on the Publicize page (where you set up what will appear on the online course listing) you enter $125 in the first “Cost” box, and then communicate any difference in the second adjacent box using the terminology of discount or subsidy – i.e. “Sign up by March 1st for a discounted price of only $50” or “A subsidized course fee of $75 is offered for all Churchstreet Church members.” 
  • A $50 NCT portion will be collected by SM USA for covering materials, royalties, operations and advancement. Once all participants are registered an invoice of $50 per registration (not based on package of books previously sent) will be issued. This $50 portion is not necessarily something that needs to be communicated in advertising the course, however if the course is discounted or subsidized it should be kept in mind that the $50 amount per participant will still need to be sent to SM USA.
  • For book orders, please have as many registrations already input (either manually or by online registration) by about 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the course. At that time request books based on number of registrations as well as including a margin for potential later registrations. Again, the invoice will be based on actual course registrations and be issued once that list is finalized. Any extra books can be returned or kept on hand for future courses (and we’ll keep track of that stock that you have on hand). If you already have any extra books on hand from before that were paid for at $20, let us know so we can factor that in for your upcoming courses.

Further instructions from the upcoming Operations Manual

$125 is the standard Course Fee for U.S. Kairos courses. Discounted rates may be offered considering actual expenses or subsidies provided.

A $50 NCT portion per course participant will be remitted to SM USA for covering materials, royalties, operations and advancement.

Regarding course fees, please use the following instructions in the online Course Manager for completing the initial Course Plan and later the Publicize page (find detailed instructions for using the Course Manager in the next section).

The Course Plan, page 6/6, should be completed as follows.  Two examples are shown below.

  • Please enter ‘125’ in the Course Fee field. This is the established standard value of the course in the USA.
  • If you intend to accept a lower cost for some or all Participants, state such in the next field along with a brief explanation of how/why the course will be discounted or subsidized.
  • In the Budget field, describe the breakdown of the actual costs paid by Participants.  Please make sure that this field includes a notation of $50/Participant paid to SMUSA.

After the Course Plan has been approved, the Event Plan|Publicise page must be completed with the standard course fee of $125 listed in the first “Cost” box. If a different fee is being offered to all or some, use the second box to advertise this using the terminology of “discount” or “subsidy”. May also include appropriate description of what is included.