Interested in learning more about the history of Simply Mobilizing and how God has led and shaped this ministry? It’s an incredible 40+ year story starting with a mission to the Philippines stretching to today’s worldwide mobilization movement.

This is the focus of Part One of the Explaining Simply Mobilizing Video Series. Created by Simply Mobilizing International and featuring Max Chismon, the pioneer of Simply Mobilizing and the Kairos course, these videos will help you understand SM better than ever before by seeing the steps along the way that have lead us to where we are.

Part One: Our Journey to Simply Mobilizing is made up of three videos:

Era 1 (1976 to 1992) – Mobilization for Church Growth

Era 2 (1992 to 2015) – Mobilization for Cross-Cultural Mission

Era 3 (2015 to Present Day) – Mobilization of All God’s People

We introduced Part Two of this series (which was actually released first) last year and if you’ve been following the newsletter long you may recall it. It focuses on the ministry of Simply Mobilizing with sessions on Prophetic Mobilization, Our Message, Our Mobilizers, and Our Ministry to Local Churches. You can see all parts and all videos HERE.

Whether you’ve been involved with Kairos and/or the Simply Mobilizing movement for a long time and are curious to learn more about the history and foundational ideas, or are just trying to learn more about this movement for the first time, I highly recommend checking out these videos to learn more and grow in excitement for Simply Mobilizing.