This past week we celebrated a milestone for the Kairos course in the U.S. In August 2009 the Kairos course was first introduced to Team Expansion at the Emerald Hills headquarters in Louisville, KY. An international Kairos team came to present the course and provide training so that it could be carried on. It became a training staple for Team Expansion and Emerald Hills has hosted three or four intensive courses every year since then. Team Expansion also found itself in a role of organizing and growing the course beyond Louisville. Though there had been a handful of other courses happening here and there in prior years in the U.S., this was the start of a multiplication of courses across the country seeing graduates grow from dozens to hundreds and thousands.

Last week we had our annual summer intensive at Emerald Hills and took a moment to celebrate a wonderful ten years. Eric Barry (Team Expansion training director, former Kairos National Coordinator, and part of that initial 2009 course), Joshua Rodenbaugh, and John Bliffen (both part of Kairos since 2010), join with new Kairos students to enjoy a special 10th anniversary celebratory cake.