Contend Prayer Campaign

From Simply Mobilizing International:  Mark your calendars — On November 4th, the Contend! 21-Day Prayer Campaign begins! Simply Mobilizing has partnered with Global Mission Mobilization Initiative (GMMI) for the Contend! Prayer Campaign this November 4-25, 2020. The 21-day prayer campaign seeks God for a breakthrough in His global Church surrounding an increase of mission mobilization vision across ministry structures, moving mission from the periphery in the Church to its rightful place at the core.  We encourage everyone to

Advancing Spanish Mobilization

While Covid-19 may have inhibited our movement, it has not slowed down our mobilization. The Lord has opened up new opportunities for partnering together in mobilization among Spanish speakers in the U.S. The SM USA team has been working together with SM Latin America to host several courses online. We were able to offer Spanish courses of MOBI 101 and Interface to pastors and leaders all over North and South America. Before Covid-19, we would

TUS and ETI Online Schedule

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t just take the Christians into Heaven right away?  Probably not, but most Christians wonder what their purpose is on earth.  If God finished the work of salvation with Christ’s death and resurrection, but hasn’t yet returned, then perhaps God’s work is not finished yet.  Maybe there’s an “unfinished story” to be told!  The Unfinished Story is a Christian discipleship course that will educate, inspire, and challengeparticipants to discover what remains to be done to complete