Celebrating 10 Years

This past week we celebrated a milestone for the Kairos course in the U.S. In August 2009 the Kairos course was first introduced to Team Expansion at the Emerald Hills headquarters in Louisville, KY. An international Kairos team came to present the course and provide training so that it could be carried on. It became a training staple for Team Expansion and Emerald Hills has hosted three or four intensive courses every year since then.

HF Training in Canada

One area of focus at the Simply Mobilizing Global Development Consultation in the Philippines in March was Global Regions. A deeper conversation began there between the Canadian National Coordinator and Colleen, our NC in the U.S., about how we might collaborate more for greater effectiveness overall in the North America region. One idea was to simply just start working together more and in mid-May we took a first step by coming together for a Kairos

U.S. NCT Retreat

This afternoon we completed our first official planning retreat for the U.S. Simply Mobilizing NCT (National Coordination Team). Prior to this, we have all had substantial involvement in Kairos and the growing Simply Mobilizing movement (some for many years already), and have been together at different times for training and preparation. This week, however, was a milestone first for our current team, with English, Chinese, and Korean leadership, to gather for team formation, collaboration, planning