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Save The Date – September 25-29, 2023

SM International Conference is meeting again in-person this Fall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The last in-person conference was in 2015, so this is long anticipated exciting news. As a national team, SMUSA would love to see as many U.S. delegates present and engaged with our global SM family to seek being ‘On Mission with God’ together.

Who’s Invited?

All SM Graduates, Facilitators, Head Facilitators, Mobilizers, Coordinators, Advocates, Partners and Partner Churches.

The Details:

* Registration does not include airfare or extended stay.

Conference Schedule:

Fundraising Letter:

SMUSA can’t help you raise funds to attend conference, however we can provide a letter of recommendation for sponsorship. If you are in need of this type of letter for your church or sponsors, please submit your information below.

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