Max Chismon Fall 2018 Visit

Max Chismon, International Director of Simply Mobilizing made a whirl-wind 3-week visit to the US and Canada in November. We are deeply grateful to Brother Max for spending this time in the US, visiting some very key places that are mobilizing the Body of Christ in their church and in their city.  His passion for mobilizing the Body of Christ and his genuine care for the growth of the movement in the US was a

Let’s make it official

The idea of Simply Mobilizing was introduced to the global Kairos family in 2015 and has been simmering in the U.S. ever since. Over the last few years the ideas have been considered and pondered, some of the bits and pieces have been implemented here and there, and small steps have been taken to build on the Kairos course foundation.Considerably larger strides were taken over the last year as God raised up new coordination team members and